Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sea World

We took Duncan to Sea World for his 2nd birthday and had a great time.

1st carousel ride
 laughing at the flamingos
 intently watching and clapping for shamu

Friday, May 13, 2011

cute things Duncan says....

I always say I need to write these things down so I don't forget them, but never do.  So I'm posting it here while I'm thinking about some of the funny things Duncan has been saying lately...

One of his favorite movies these days is Toy Story.  He calls it "eewey and bus" for Woody and Buzz Lightyear, 2 of the main characters.  He has a toy Buzz Lightyear that says "To infinity...AND BEYOND!"  Duncan says "eewey, bus...and beyond!" cute!

After every bath he runs into his room and we put on lotion before diaper and PJ's.  He likes to pump the lotion out onto his hands, smells it and says "mmmm" and then rubs it on his toes.  He calls it "shotion".  One day I was putting "shotion" on Bowen and Duncan asked for "shotion" so I put it in his hand but he had all his clothes on including socks and shoes and he had no clue where to put it since his toes were covered :)

Duncan is 2!!!!

Duncan has had a GREAT 2nd Birthday with a full week of celebrations.  It started on Sunday when we celebrated his birthday with the family.  He learned about singing "Happy Birthday" and cake and blowing out candles.  So now every time we sing "Happy Birthday" he asks for cake.  He also wants to do it over and over again so he can blow out the candles.  We then celebrated with a small party with a few of his friends on Tuesday night.  We are taking Duncan to Sea World on Saturday....more pics to come!

April 2011 pics

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