Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Steinbarger has arrived!

Huge congratulations to Lori and Tyler Steinbarger. They got their big SURPRISE on Sunday evening - a baby BOY!!! Colton was born at 8:31 pm weighing 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 3/4" long. Mom, Dad and Baby are great! We couldn't be more excited to have another little boy in our circle of friends - so many boys!!!
looks a lot like his daddy!
the new family of 3

Congrats to Sean & Jaime!

Sean and Jaime got married Saturday night at Kali Kate. It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun couple! family pic

Taffy and Duncan

I LOVE this one....

May 2010 pics

Click here to view pictures from May 2010

Video - Duncan in lake Memorial Weekend

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Shoberg

I had my 24 week sono and everything is right on schedule. We were so amazed at how much Baby #2 looks like Matt and Duncan already at just 1 lb, 7 oz! We are still trying to come up with names for this little guy. Duncan has been doing great as well. He has had some chronic ear infections so we are getting tubes inserted on Monday. Hopefully that will help and he won't be in any more pain. He has been doing great in school and really loves it. Throughout the summer they have different activities planned each day - splash day, petting zoo, visits by police, firemen, etc. He has had his fingerprints taken by the police and learned to "high five". He is the only one in his class that enjoys the sprinkler on splash day and he is also the only one that sat in the middle of all the animals at the petting zoo.
He is doing a lot of pretending these days. He likes to pick up a cup (or anything that looks like one) and pretend to drink out of it. He takes my brush out of the cabinet and brushes his hair. He rolls his cars and trucks across the floor and says "vvvrrrmmmm".
He took his first step on June 7th and is taking about 6-10 steps at a time. He still would rather hold my fingers to get around, but is learning to balance on his own.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Days

This summer has started off busy! For memorial day weekend we went to the lakehouse with the Beardsley Family - all 29 of us!!! Duncan had so much fun playing with all his cousins and loved the lake!
Then Grammy came down to visit for a week. Duncan had such a good time with her all day and I got caught up on so much work!!! They spent a lot of time playing outside with his Pirate ship and in his pool. She taught him how to say "up" when he wants out of bed or up into your arms and he has learned "eyes". He loves to say "eyes" and point to his own or yours. He will be walking any day....for now, he loves to walk holding someone's fingers. Everyone tells me not to rush or hope for walking, but I sure am getting tired of bending over to hold his hands and walking around wherever he wants to go for hours each day. He loves books these days...he brings them to me and turns the pages over and over and over again. He also has a hilarious version of "thank you". I guess everytime I say "thank you" in my very exagerated motherly voice and expression, I also nod my head down then up as I say it. He has picked up on that and when I give him something or if he wants me to do something he nods his head like a little china is soooo funny. I'm going to have to figure out a way to get that on video!
Daddy, Duncan and Grammy playing outside with the pirate ship.Daddy and Duncan in the swing at the lakehouse..."eyes".
Regan and Duncan

Duncan walking Grandma through the lake

Lindsay and Duncan