Monday, November 30, 2009

1st Thanksgiving

Duncan spent his first Thanksgiving in Albuquerque with the Gorrell family that he got to meet for the first time - Great Grandparents Art and Helen Gorrell, Jeff, Lisa, Tiana and Sterling Gorrell and Joe, Ann, Madison and Morgan McFerron. We had a huge slumber party at Grammy and Grandpa Bop-Bob's. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday and watched football to digest, went shopping in Old Town on Friday, took the train to Sante Fe on Saturday along with friends Brett and Christina and visited friends Mike and Lacy Robson on Sunday. whew...what a busy weekend!
Mommy and Duncan
Grammy and Duncan

I think this is our first picture together without D since he was born :)
our family

Grandpa Bop-Bob let me drive the tractor!!
I love Grandpa Bop-Bob

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Tooth

Duncan got his first tooth! Daddy noticed it had broken the gums on Thurs. evening.

Some of Duncan's favorite things to do these days:

play with Flynt and Boston - he can sit outside for hours and just watch the dogs and yell and laugh at them. Anytime we pass by a window looking into the backyard he stops to look for them.

He loves hats (baseball caps to be exact). He wants to be with whoever is wearing a hat and he will chew on the brim of it. It started with Daddy's hats, but now he will see total strangers in the store and try to go for their hat.

He loves songs and dancing - his Aunt Stephi started him on the dancing. Any time he starts to get a little fussy all I have to do is turn on his Slugs, Bugs & Lullubies CD or sing "I am a Lion..." and he immediately gets happy.

He likes to make a lot of noise both with his voice and banging toys on things.

I use my phone a lot to take pictures of him on the fly...anytime he sees the phone come out he gives me a HUGE smile :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

6 months!

Duncan is 6 months old!
Weight: 17 lbs 10.5 ou - 60%
Height: 26 in - 50%
Head: 75% (big brain)
his newest accomplishment this month is sitting unassisted. loves carrots, sweet potatoes and pears - hates peas and apple sauce

Monday, November 2, 2009

My 1st Halloween!

A little sweet potatoes before the party... Dunkey Monkey!
Kelly & Mason (4 mo), Sarah & Anna (5 months), Paige & Duncan (5 1/2 months)

Anna (glow worm), Luke (elvis) 1 year, Mason (cow) and Dunkey Monkey

eating Grand Stan's nose!