Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Buddies!

We met up for a playdate at Rollingwood Park with Duncan's friends Sam and Jacob. The 3 mom's all went to high school together and these boys were all born within 5 days of each other Duncan (May 10), Jacob (May 12), Sam (May 15). Stephanie brought the Hey Cupcakes to celebrate the boys 1st birthdays.
Sam, Jacob, Duncan
love this one...Sam sneaking a bite from Jacob while sitting on his

now Sam will try some of Jacob's juice...

this was the quietest moment we had all day!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, it is official. Our instincts were correct. We are having another BOY!!! We are so thrilled that Duncan will have a little brother and that they will grow up so close in age. I started to wonder if my "motherly" instincts were correct since I realized I had told almost everyone that I was "sure" I was having a boy. The pregnancy has just been too similar to be any different. Everything is going well. He is a healthy little boy and growing right on schedule.

On another note, we have a lot of changes that have gone on in the last few weeks. I started a new job as a Real Estate agent with Moreland Properties. The opportunity came to me right at a time in my life where I was so happy with where I was. I got to work from home and be a stay at home mom with a little help here and there. I felt like I finally had a really good routine and not having to work as many nights and weekends to get the work done. Duncan was going to start Mother's Day Out in the fall to give me a little break with the new one on the way. All was good. Then I got an opportunity that doesn't come around every day. Not only can I be more help financially, but this job will also get me in front of clients looking to build custom homes - and I know the BEST builder in town :) What could be better than marketing our business all while making some money!?

Even though I knew I had to jump at this opportunity, it came with a very emotional and HUGE decision. I would have to start Duncan in full time day care. After a LOT of tears, prayers, and going through a TON of schools to find just the right forward to today.......

Duncan started his first day of preschool at Children's Courtyard Circle C. This is us in the parking lot (tears didn't come until I got back in the car). Thank goodness he doesn't have any seperation anxieties because he didn't care that we were leaving - he was having too much fun looking around at the new toys and new people. That made it a lot easier to leave.

Matt has also continued to stay busy, busy. In March, he finished up the custom home he has been working on over the last year. He did such an amazing job and we are up for some awards in this year's Home Builder's Association awards. check out the pictures on the website He has a few large additions/remodels he is working on now and about to start a few large outdoor living areas. He is really doing an amazing job as the company owner/operator as well as construction manager/superintendent.
Our lives are so blessed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010!

We had such a wonderful and eventful Easter weekend that we have over 700 pictures to prove it! Lucky for you, I picked the best ones to post here, but if you are a grandparent, or just have lots of time on your hands you can go to the link below to view 190 others...

Easter Weekend 2010 Pictures

It started with a fun Saturday when the Robson's and the Patterson's came over for Easter lunch. We walked down to the Shady Hollow Easter Egg Hunt where the kids had so much fun hunting easter eggs, seeing all the animals at the petting zoo, and playing with all the other kids. They were so exhausted from all the fun that when we came home they all went down for a nap and the 6 of us got to eat at the dining room table in peace - AMAZING!!!

I was sooooo excited that we got bluebonnets in our backyard this year - a BUNCH of them! So we got to take pics of the babies in the bluebonnets and didn't have to stop along the highway to do it :)

On Easter Sunday we went to the Smith's for lunch with the family and then went to the late church service. Whew....what a fun weekend.

Duncan opening his easter basket from Grammy and Bobpa.... Duncan's first easter egg hunt at the Shady Hollow Community Center

finding his favorite egg....
With his best buds Anna (10 mo) and Luke (17 mo)
The fam....
Duncan LOVES dogs - any dogs, but this one was one of his favorites...
cool shades...
bluebonnets in the backyard!
Luke, Anna and Duncan
I love this picture....
Grandma and Duncan
Duncan playing with Marly - we think his first word might be "sit".....anytime he sees a dog he points his finger and very seriously says something along the lines of "sit" :)
his favorite thing to do in the backyard - play in the dogs water bowl....
playing in the dirt - can you see me?